At Home Sous Vide Cooking

At Home Sous Vide Cooking

Do you want to prepare sous vide cooking at your home? Obviously, you can cook foods using vide cooking techniques in your home itself. In order to prepare foods safely, you need to use only fresh vegetables. Prior to starting your cooking process, keep all vegetables in the refrigerator and cool them for a while. After that, seal vegetables in a plastic bag and then cook it.

To cook foods in traditional sous vide cooking method, you need some vessels. But, there are so many ways to prepare foods at your home. Below are some of the equipment that you need for cooking and the reason for that equipment.

Needed equipment for sous vide cooking:

  1. Immersion circulator

This immersion circular helps you to set the period of time to cook food items and ensure the right temperature.

  1. Water oven

This helps you to boil water at a right temperature and perfectly heats the water to cook foods perfectly.

  1. Pot with thermometer

One of the best ways to try sous vide cooking at home is by using a pot with a thermometer. With this combination of equipment, you can prepare foods using precision cooking at low investment.

These are the equipment that you need to start your cooking process. Now, let’s see some of the food items to cook using sous vide cooking techniques.

  • Sous vide radishes
  • Sous vide salmon with cucumber
  • Sous vide tri-top with cilantro butter
  • Seared sous vide style tri-top
  • Chicken with celery root puree and chestnuts
  • Aromatic thai recipes and like more

These are some of the recipes that you can able to cook using the precision cooking method. Thus, buy all the listed equipment and try these recipes in your home to taste delicious foods prepared in a traditional way.

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