Beef Sous Vide Cooking Time

Beef Sous Vide Cooking Time

When it comes to sous vide cooking, the time required to prepare foods highly depends on the type of foods. And, the time also depends on the texture that you need on your foods. If you want to cook beef using sous vide cooking, then you need some time than other simple recipes.

At the same time, it is very important to know the cooking time of all recipes by using sous vide cooking so that you can able to avoid overcooking or worst condition. If you follow an ordinary cooking, then time will be based on the initial temperature, the shape of the food and as well as the temperature of the bath.

But, in the sous vide cooking, this is not in the case, because sous vide cooking requires holding the food at a particular temperature for a period of time. When you look time for beef then it various from parts of the beef.

Actually, while preparing beef foods, you will cook each part separately. This is because each part requires different time. This is exactly same for sous vide cooking also, but time is not same as like as normal cooking. Instead of that, it consumes some more time, because it uses low temperature for a long time right!!

For example, if you want to cook tender cuts such as Tenderloin, Ribeye, T-Bone and so on, then it takes minimum 1 hour and maximum 4 hours. For spare ribs, it requires minimum 24 hours and maximum 48 hours. If you want to cook flank steak and brisket, then you have to cook at least 8 hours to almost 24 hours.

These are the times required to cook beef by using sous vide cooking techniques. This is huge more time only but results in healthier and delicious food.

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